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Navigation position

Top of page -

Bottom of page -

Homepage logo

Store logo

Price ranges

Restrict purchase to login

Button style

3D -

2D -

Hide breadcrumbs

Global scrolling banner (between product carousels)

Global banner on cart preview (item needs to be added to cart first)

All web pages in one section of navigation

Homepage carousel mode

Storyboard (recommended) -

Classic -

Carousel arrows

Homepage featured categories

Faceted search

Image hover switcher

Quickview button (hover over product)

Wishlist button (hover over product)

Stock level

Color swatches on PLPs

Available sizes on PLPs

Infinite scrolling

Hide "category image" in the category header

"On Sale" product

Percentage saving on sale tags

"Selling Fast" tags

Custom labels

"Sold Out" product

Product with multiple options

Payment method icons in the cart (add an item to cart)